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Marrons Glaces are chestnuts grown in the North of Italy, South of France, or Turkey. They are glazed in sugar syrup to create a deliciously indulgent dessert treat. Popular as a traditional Christmas gift, Candied chestnuts usually comes wrapped individually and beautifully presented in an ornamental jar or gift box. Candied chestnuts in syrup is an all-time favourite luxury confection and a real treat to enjoy, boasting a soft texture and a super sweet taste.




A marron glacé is a more elaborate way of preparing a chestnut as a dessert snack. These little treats are essentially candied chestnuts with a slight glaze on top. Turkish Marrons glacés are candied chestnuts where chestnuts are simmered and soaked in sugar syrup over a few days. MARRONS GLACÉS (CANDIED CHESTNUTS) made from chestnuts grown in Uludağ is one of Bursa's brand products. The outer shells of the chestnut are cut with a knife and the thin inner shell is softened in hot water and peeled. These chestnuts, which are separated from their shells, are wrapped in thin cheesecloths in 4 or 5 pieces, the cheesecloth is knotted and placed in the pot, in another pot, a mixture of sugar and water (1 kilogram of sugar per a half kilo of water) is boiled at medium heat to obtain a portico. The prepared portico is poured over the chestnuts and boiled for two hours on a low fire, the consistency of the porch is constantly checked during boiling, and at the end of the boiling, the chestnut sugar is left to cool for a day.

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