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Buy Turkish Green Olives

Green olives, which are the immature form of black olives, have many benefits. It has more vitamin E than black olives. Aegean and Marmara regions rank first in olive production. However, the greenest olive production is in the Mediterranean region.  Origin of Green Olive It belongs to the oleander family. It is unique to the Mediterranean climate and is a type of tree that stays green in all seasons. It can reach a length of 10 meters. It can live up to 2000 years. It can live efficiently in the Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean regions. It gathers in December and February. In some regions, picking is done by machine. In some regions, it is collected by the old method, that is, the pouring system by hitting it with a stick. How green Olives Are Consumed? Green Olive and olive oil are essential foods in the diet. Depending on the palate, olives are preferred as green and black, but black olives are more fatty and caloric than green olives. Green Olives can be consumed 5-10 pieces at breakfast, you can add them to salads or use them by making a sauce with their oil. Green Olive, which is also consumed as green olive paste, is the pulp of the olive that comes out during olive oil production. For this reason, the olive paste is less fatty than green olives but quite tasty. Best green Olive is delicious food that is consumed as a snack, along with drinks. Best Turkish Green olives, which contain high amounts of vitamin E, thus provide a powerful antioxidant. Thanks to this feature, it removes all harmful toxins through the urinary tract while in the body. This benefit also cleans the digestive tract. Reduced stone and sand formation, especially by removing toxins accumulated in the bladder.


What are the green olive benefits?

It is a powerful antioxidant due to its high vitamin E content. In this way, it allows the antioxidants accumulated in the body to be removed. Cleans the digestive tract. It prevents the formation of accumulated stones and sand in the bladder. It is beneficial for eye health. It prevents vision loss. Thanks to the polyphenols it contains, it reduces the stress rate in the brain and protects the nerve cells in the brain. It strengthens the memory. Balances blood cells. It prevents the amount of sugar from increasing. For this reason, it is a food that diabetics can easily consume. It provides a feeling of satiety for a long time and allows the person to eat less throughout the day. Weight loss is also beneficial. It prevents the acid rate of the stomach from increasing. In this way, it prevents the stomach wall from being deformed. It is the ideal food to be consumed in sahur for fasting people. Best Turkish Green olives are good for thirst. It protects one's health during fasting. It prevents fatigue due to hunger. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acid. It lowers the level of bad cholesterol. It protects cardiovascular health. It protects the health of cells. It prevents it from mutating. In this way, it prevents the formation of tumours and cancer. It is good for rheumatism and joint pain. Many skin diseases occur as a result of fatty liver. Green olives prevent the liver from getting fat. It prevents acne and acne formation. Unbalanced vitamins and minerals in the body weaken the hair stem cells. This causes the hair to fall out and wear out. Thanks to the vitamin E it contains, green olives prevent these problems from occurring.It has a curing effect on jaundice diseases.What are the harms?There is no known harm of green olives, and if consumed too much, it can cause heartburn and diarrhea.


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