Kairos Organic Extra Virgin Early Crop Cold Pressed Olive Oil 500 ml

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  • Kairos Organic Extra Virgin Early Crop Cold Pressed Olive  Oil 500 ml :

    Known for its fruity aroma and slightly bitter taste, the extra virgin olive oil of early age is offered to you at Turkishorganicfood's online olive oil aisles. The product, which brings the natural olive flavour to your table as it is produced by the cold pressing method, helps you to eat healthy by preserving its nutritional value. You can also use the product that needs to be consumed with sauce by pouring it over cold dishes. Depending on your taste, you can consume it by pouring it on breakfast plates prepared with tomatoes and cucumbers or on olive and cheese plates. You can use olive oil, which you can serve with lemon threshold, as a sauce in different meals. You can make nutritious snacks by lightly sprinkling the bread slices prepared with olive paste. You can add flavour to your meals to fish and meat dishes that you cook simply without using different oils. You can mix different sauces in salads and prepare recipes to suit your taste. You can add variety to your tables by using extra virgin olive oil, which is the basic ingredient you can use in the recipe of Mediterranean cuisine, in Italian dishes. Kairos Organic Early Harvest Cold Pressed 500 ml Glass Bottle Olive Oil, which you can cook in a dark glass bottle and prepare in the kitchen, comes to your door without giving up the comfort of your home. Add the product to your cart immediately.

    Benefits of Cold Pressed Olive Oil :

    You can care for the nipple by using natural olive oil to heal the rash and wounds on the nipple during breastfeeding. You can choose olive oil as a moisturizer and ointment for dried and chapped lips. When you gargle with cold-pressed olive oil in your mouth, it significantly benefits to keep your teeth white. Cold-pressed olive oil is widely used today to relieve inflammation in the urinary tract and gall bladder disorders. The oil that must be used in diet programs is known as cold-pressed olive oil. The reason is that it is effective in activating the intestines, it contains rich vitamins and minerals compared to other vegetable and corn oils, and because it is easier to digest and low in calories than other oils, athletes and dieters prefer it very often. If your nails are fragile, you can use natural olive oil. It strengthens your nails and makes them look more beautiful. Cold-pressed olive oil contains linoleic acid. In this way, feeding babies who are weaned from breast milk by taking the necessary vitamins and minerals from olive oil is effective. If you supply skimmed cow's milk and put a few drops of cold-pressed olive oil in it, it serves as a natural nutrient. Benefits of Cold Pressed Olive Oil to Skin and Body We see that olive oil is used a lot in the field of cosmetics because it is very good for the skin with many beneficial minerals such as cell renewal. Thanks to the chlorine in natural olive oil, it helps your kidneys to work better. If you have had a cut or skin rupture, you can combine natural extra virgin olive oil with chopped onion, bee beeswax and tail fat to make an ointment. Another little known effect is that studies have shown that alcohol partially reduces drunkenness. Natural olive oil should be drunk before drinking alcohol to be effective. It seems that olive oil has a very positive effect on the health of the vessels in the brain. It has also proven to be very effective in the treatment of rheumatism. It reduces the risk of gallstones. Cold-pressed olive oil has a great effect on preventing calcification. Thanks to olive oil, you can soften the area to be shaved and provide relief. It lowers cholesterol, prevents its formation, stops bleeding, dries inflammation and prevents the deterioration of central nervous system tissue structures. Cold-pressed olive oil containing omega 3 and omega 6 is very important for the heart and immune system. If olive oil is used regularly, it meets the body's omega need and protects the body from diabetes, cancer, obesity and cell destruction diseases.

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