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What is Cold Pressed extra virgin Olive Oil?

As can be understood from its name, Turkish extra virgin olive oil is olive oil produced using the "cold-pressed" method. There are 2 different production techniques for this olive oil: early harvest and mature harvest. While early harvest cold-pressed olive oil stands out as the type of olive oil that has the highest benefits and offers unique health benefits, mature harvest cold-pressed olive oil is one click behind. However, when considered individually, it is still a very high-quality structure compared to other oil types. There are some special conditions for cold-pressed Turkish olive oil production. If these conditions are not met, olive is not called 100% natural cold-pressed olive oil and does not provide any stated benefit. According to the information conveyed by my own village; There is a 26-degree production condition for cold-pressed olive oil. No olive oil produced at a temperature higher than 26 degrees has not been produced by the cold pressing method.

 How is Cold-Pressed Olive Oil Produced?

 Turkey early harvest cold-pressed olive oil, known first as the Essence of the leading firms in the dark we asked how cold-pressed olive oil is produced. They too; provided information on the production of the early harvest cold pressed Turkish olive oil type. According to this; It is necessary to collect the olives from their branches while they are still green and to extract the oil from the green olives in question using the cold pressing method. The method used in production must be a continuous method. This method draws attention to the most used method in today's oil sector, which consists of a series of machines. Thanks to this method, a complete quality product is provided without damaging the naturalness of the olive in any way and without destroying the rich foods in it. Turkish Olive; While the continuous method is applied, it takes its place in the tanks after going through the processes of cleaning, crushing, malaxation and oil separation. There is no manual contact with the oil in any of these transactions. In this way, the hygiene rules are fully protected.

Health benefits

It touches the skin, internal health, hair, almost every part of the body.

  • Strengthens bones
  • Cleans the liver
  • Regulates digestion
  • It reduces stress
  • It makes the hair and skin look alive and fresh.
  • It helps to lose weight.
  • It regulates the intestines and ensures the metabolism balance.


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