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Organic Sun Dried Turkish Tomatoes

 By far the best and the sweetest Organic semi-dried tomatoes I’ve ever tried. Little known in Turkey, this super-sweet variety of tomato is grown only in Turkey. The ripe tomatoes are handpicked, dried in the sun for three full days—not in ovens, as most commercial versions are—then packed with fresh basil in a bit of vinegar and extra virgin olive oil.

Have some on hand for special entertaining (they make a nice addition to a cheese plate) or everyday eating (especially in a fresh pasta sauce). When you're done, save the oil and vinegar they're packed in for a superior Anatolian marinade. Where can I buy  Mediterranean Organic Sundried Tomatoes In Olive Oil, Buy Organic Sundried Tomatoes  We send Turkish sun-dried tomatoes packs to our customers with express shipping worldwide from Istanbul?


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Turkish Organic Dried tomatoes, which contain high nutritional fibre, are rich in vitamin C enough to provide 40% of the body's daily needs. In addition, vitamins A, B1 and B2; It is also an important source of potassium, calcium, iron, folate and manganese.

Thanks to the lycopene substance and antioxidants it contains, it has a protective effect against prostate, breast and colon cancers. In addition, with its cancer-fighting structure, it acts as a protection against lung and pancreatic cancer and acts as a shield against the prostate. It has been proven by studies that it prevents asthma when consumed regularly.

In fact, it is best to consume tomatoes in season, but organic sun-dried tomatoes are as good as fresh as they preserve their nutritional value. Even when cooked with a little olive oil, its nutritional value increases even more.


Turkish Organic tomatoes usage recommendations,

You can add 3-5 pieces of Organic dried tomatoes directly into your meals (especially dried legumes) after adding the water of the food. It will add value to the flavour of your meal with its intense tomato flavour.

You can use it in your green winter salads by chopping matchsticks or cubes. It goes especially well with a green olive salad with lots of parsley and green onions and purslane salad with goat cheese & walnuts.

You can prepare a very pleasant appetizing appetizer by soaking in hot vinegar water for a few hours, filtering it through a strainer and pouring only extra virgin olive oil on it.

After soaking in hot vinegar water for a few hours, you can filter it through a sieve, blend it into a puree and prepare a breakfast that can be spread on bread.

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