Organic Bio Bee Pollen 120 g

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  • Organic Bio Bee Pollen:

    Perhaps bees are the living things that flowers need most in nature. The flower calls out to the Bee and offers its delicious, fragrant nectar to the Bee as a kind of gift to attract the Bee to itself. He tells The Bee, “go count other flowers of my kind and bring me the remains of pollen on his feet.” So in fact, the flower secretes its nectar to be placed on the Bee itself.

    The nectar flower leaves sweet sweet and the Bee comes. An important feature of bees is that they are placed in the same flower throughout the day, whichever flower they first place in the morning. In this way, the flower is fertilized with pollen from flowers of the same species. As the bee collects nectar, it carries these pollen from flower to flower without noticing and fertilizes the flowers. In this process, the Bee that carries the nectar to the hive collects the pollen that is more than it needs when entering the hive through the apparatus located in the hive. The bee collects pollen inside itself and uses this source of protein for itself and its offspring as well. The young feed on these pollen and become stronger because they contain protein.

    At a time when bees need it, pollen is not collected, and we are fed up with bees for the pollen that bees need. If it doesn't bring pollen to the Beehive, we'll know it has to be moved from where it is. After collecting pollen, which is excess, in certain periods, we prepare it for the form that we can also use with a lot of Labor and labor.

    “I'm allergic to pollen from time to time, " he said.” we're taking questions. Pollen produced by bees is flower pollen. Tree pollen is completely different, and most of the questions that come to us are confused with tree pollen and flower pollen.

    Because Flower Pollen is also a bee product, it can have an allergic effect “in those who are allergic or sensitive to bee products”.

    How To Use Organic Pollen?
    After 1 year, children and adults can consume 1 teaspoon of pollen per day. It is also consumed with desserts, drinks or yogurt.

    We want to briefly tell you about Egricayir
    Our hives are located in the curve region, where we were born and grew up and where our childhood passed. The egriçayır Plateau is about 110 km from Erdemli District of Mersin. Only wild wildflowers make up the plant flora in this region due to the high altitude (about 2,500 meters).

    Thanks to this magnificent flower Flora, we have returned with degrees from all the competitions we have participated in abroad, and our organic flower honey has been awarded a gold medal in Apimondia, the most prestigious beekeeping competition in the world.

    We are proud of the awards received by Egricayir products both as a family and on behalf of our country, and we are very happy to be able to reach you this rare miracle produced at an altitude of 2500 meters, many kilometers away.

    What do we want to do?
    * We produce organic products, we want and support the expansion of organic production, organic agriculture.

    * We believe that our local culture and values should be protected, we want the protection of endemic plants and natural flora both in our region and in our country. We're working on it.

    * We rely on the quality of our honey, our products, we share with you the most detailed analysis results of the Ministry of Agriculture and independent audit organizations, not only standard analysis, we want you to be informed correctly.

    * Our honey, our products are recognized all over the world and “the best honey produced in the world is in Turkey, in Egricayir."he wants it to be said, We work for it.

    Moreover, at your door with affordable prices.

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