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  • Organic Bio  Fresh  Royal Jelly Eğriçayır :

    Food Supplement Approval Number: 002831-23.06.2017

    Ingredients: 30 g Organic fresh royal jelly (100%) It is produced in Mersin Erdemli Taurus Mountains with Organic Beekeeping method and contains 30 gr. pure royal jelly.

    What is Royal Jelly?

    Royal jelly is a substance secreted by 5-15 day-old worker bees from glands on the pharynx. Royal jelly is the only food of queen bee known as queen bee. There is 1 queen bee in each hive and all other bees give birth to a queen. Although worker bees live for 45 days, it is known that the queen bee fed with royal jelly lived for up to 10 years and lays up to 2 thousand eggs in the honeycomb cells daily.

    When the queen ages, the bees in the hive choose 10 newly born bees for the new queen of the hive and begin to feed them with vocal milk. Preparing a wider trough for the selected bees, bees feed their future queen candidates only with royal jelly from the day they are born. However, worker bees are fed with royal jelly for 1-2 days and then switch to pollen. When the queen bee is too old now, it becomes the powerful new queen bee.

    There is a lot of research on the benefits of bee milk in humans on top of its powerful nutritional effect.

    Since organic royal jelly is pure and does not contain any preservatives, it is sent to you without seeing light and in a cold chain.

    The product was stored in the refrigerator after delivery.

    Those who are allergic or sensitive to bee products may have an allergic effect.

    How to Use Organic Royal Jelly?

    1.5 g per day. Royal Jelly (half a teaspoon) is recommended to be consumed under the tongue. Experts recommend using plastic or wooden spoons instead of metal when consuming royal jelly. Do not exceed the recommended daily portion.

    Storage Conditions: Keep in the refrigerator. T.R. It can be used in accordance with the Organic Agriculture Law No.5262 and the Regulation on Principles of Related Organic Agriculture and its applications to the insurance, and it has been checked and certified by TURKGAP with code number TR-OT-013. Organic Agriculture Code of the Enterprise: TR-OT-013-İ-39

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