Organic Cracked Wheat 1000 g

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    It is produced from coarse durum wheat. Note: Contains Gluten-containing Grain (Wheat). Store in a dry, cool and odourless place, away from sunlight.

    Packed with care in facilities with high cleaning, processing and calibration, Raya Organic cracked wheat comes to make a difference on your tables with its excellent taste as it is taken from its natural region.

    Despite its high nutritional value, cracked wheat is not well known outside of Anatolian cuisine, unfortunately. Cracked wheat, which is a very healthy food store when consumed consciously, is a grain that should definitely be included in our cuisine.

    Some doctors consider it as a medicine, not a grain, and recommend cracked wheat twice a week instead of medicine for folic acid needs. cracked wheat; It is easy to prepare, durable and has a long shelf life, has high nutritional value and is very economical.

    Some known benefits of cracked wheat;

    Experts recommend that we consume more cracked wheat, our classic grain, which has endless benefits.

    It contains iron, chromium, folic acid and zinc minerals.

    It is digestive system-friendly with its richness in soluble and insoluble fibres and is an important nutrient in our diets.

    It contains unsaturated fats. In this way, it reduces the blood cholesterol level by supporting the replacement of saturated fats and unsaturated fats in the diet. High cholesterol is a risk factor for the development of coronary heart disease. Cracked wheat is recommended by many dieticians instead of bread and rice in their diets for those suffering from cholesterol sensitivity.

    Thanks to the iron minerals it contains, it contributes to the normal formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin, normal oxygen transport, normal function of the immune system, normal energy generation metabolism, and decrease fatigue and fatigue.

    Contains Folic Acid. Supplementary Folic acid intake increases the folate level of the mother-to-be. Low folate level is a risk factor for neural tube defects in the development of the fetus. For this reason, cracked wheat is a food preferred by pregnant women.

    100 gr cracked wheat average;

    It is 350 kcal, contains 75 g carbohydrates - 12 g protein - 35 g calcium - 15 mg sodium - 400 mg potassium - 160 g magnesium - 3 mg iron

    Organic Wheat, which is carefully cleaned and calibrated in high-tech facilities, is then turned into cracked wheat. Unless its package is opened, it preserves its freshness for a long time.

    This product was approved by ORNES GIDA PAZARLAMA VE TİC A.Ş on 1.12.2004 and T.C number 5262.

    It has been produced in accordance with the Organic Agriculture Law and the regulation on Organic Agriculture principles and implementation.

    (TR-OT-003) ECOCERT IMO DENETIM VE CERTIFICATE LTD. It has been certified by ŞTİ.


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