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Buy  Turkish Organic Jam homemade & Handmade

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Organic Jam

Organic jam is one of the first foods that come to mind among organic breakfast food products. Prepared with organic methods and are sold all over Turkey. Standing out as the first breakfast supplement that will stand out on local breakfast tables, the jam has an extremely nutritious feature. A wonderful flavour that comes out with the meticulously picking of fresh seasonal fruits from their branches and meeting with skilful hands! It is definitely recommended for individuals who have kidney failure and are starting a high-calorie diet to gain weight. It is also a food product that is frequently recommended by dieticians for the treatment of nutritional disorders people are By processing many and kinds of nutrients such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, shells, etc. they produced various kinds of jam. Today, with the search for innovation, much different Jam production is made using materials and colour is added to our tables with various trials. are brought. Instead of products that consisted of several jobs in the past, the known apple, quince, apricot peach, plum, cherry, fig strawberry, blackberry and so on.Rose, citrus, lemon, eggplant, carrot, tomato and so on. organic fruits such as has been added. 

How to make an organic Jam recipe?

There are multiple methods for making jam. However, the most important point about the jam recipe is that the fruits to be used for jam are grown organically. If the fruits are not organic, it cannot be said that the jam is organic. To make jam, you can use classical jam making with certain frames.

  • Do not use sugar or sweeteners in any way.


  • Make sure that the fruits you use for jam are grown organically.


  • Make sure that the juice you will use for the jam is prepared organically.


  • Sterilize the equipment and tools you will use in jam making.


  • Stick to temperature ratings and holding times.





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