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Kristal Organic Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml

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  • Organic Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml Glass Bottle 

    Obtained from olives grown in accordance with organic farming principles, ECOCERT IMO Denetim ve Belgelendirme Ltd. Şti. We offer organic extra virgin olive oils with (TR-OT-003) certificate to you, olive oil lovers, under the name of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. You can have pleasant moments at your tables with its naturalness and taste.

    Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a natural extra virgin olive oil produced by cold pressing method from olives, which can be traceable at every stage and ensure organic food safety within the scope of organic product certification, which is a legal obligation. ECOCERT IMO Auditing and Certification Ltd. Şti. (TR-OT-003) certified. Along with the bitterness and burnings felt in the tongue and throat, the vegetable has a unique taste with its scent containing fresh grass. Free fatty acidity is below 0.8% in terms of oleic acid. It has been meticulously controlled by the expert team of Kristal Oils by being subjected to sensory and chemical tests. You can use it in all your meals, especially to add flavour to your cold dishes, sauces and salads, you can use it directly by pouring it on foods suitable for the Mediterranean diet such as grilled fish, salads, boiled vegetables and fresh or boiled local herbs. It is recommended to be consumed raw. It is filled untouched in dark green 500 ml glass bottles, which are environmentally friendly, recyclable, preserving the natural properties of olive oil and put on the market. Due to the volume and ergonomic features of the bottle, you can use it on your tables, sea voyages (boat trips, motor yachting, etc.), picnics and short-term trips at any time and protect the breath of olive oil with its safe and easy-to-open lid. It has been produced in a limited number. Always store your olive oil in a cool and dry environment and protect it from sunlight.

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