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Turkish Organic Olive

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What is Organic Olive?

 Olive, which is a symbolic aspect of Mediterranean civilizations, preserves its taste and value after centuries. Olive stands out as the basic trade product of the first civilizations in Anatolia. It is claimed that the olive tree, which has a place in the foundation legends of civilizations and in the holy books, is the first of all trees that grow in the world. Olive has been recorded not only as a food product but also as a plant that stands out in other areas of life. This plant, which has an important place in the productions carried out in the field of health, is also used as a beauty elixir.

Organic production in Turkey is increasing every day. However, this situation still has not reached the desired stage yet. Organic olives, which are obtained by realizing olive production in ecological agriculture certified soils, produced with great care and without using any additives, are extremely tasty, although they contain great benefits for human health. Varieties Organic olive and olive oil products with natural and organic farming methods varied, held in Turkey. With these controlled productions, organic olives extend from trees to tables and breakfast tables. Organic Black Olive: It is mostly obtained from olive trees grown in the Aegean region and grown with organic methods. A very small amount of organic olive oil is also added during the packaging phase. Organic Scratched Pink Olive: It is grown in Datça with organic methods. Ayvalık type is also known as the olive. It is also prepared in brine. It can be served as breakfast or can also be used in salads. Organic Green Olive: this delicious product grown in Datca, Turkey as one of the most consumed breakfast products come to the fore.

Turkish Organic

Organic products are produced naturally without using chemicals. You can find quality products with a rich variety and produce in different regions in the category of organic products. You can easily reach organic products that are healthy and have higher nutritional value than other products. A pleasant shopping experience awaits you with secure payment, delivery to the door and free shipping. Products produced in different regions from Çanakkale to Ankara, from Ordu to Hatay are delivered to you by organic producers in a short time. More varieties are offered to you with the constantly updated product list. In product selection, you can narrow the options according to your needs. You can search according to the regions where organic olive are grown and you can find the products you need easily and quickly at affordable olive  prices.

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