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The most natural, delicious, high-quality organic olive oil, anywhere in the world from Turkey, with express shipping options, are sending the best online store. We bring you the best quality best Organic olive oil from Istanbul with online sales. How to buy extra virgin Organic olive oil. You can Buy Organic olive oil from Turkishorganicfood Grocery store or shop in Istanbul. 


Organic olive oil

Best Organic Olive Oil in Turkey performs about 10% of world olive production. The variety of olives increases according to the regions and land type. Olive trees remain green all season and live an average of 400 years. There are also olive trees that live for 3000 years. olive exclusive to the Mediterranean coast, especially in Turkey, Greece, it is grown in countries such as Spain and Italy. Olive blooms as of May. Harvest starts after November. While the olives are being picked, the tree is shaken or hand-picked. The collected olives are transported by saddles. First, the washing process is done. It is then crushed by pressing. Pressing is traditionally done with stone. Machines are also used with the modern method. Dough olives extract oil after being kneaded. Kneading should be done at room temperature in order to obtain good and high-quality oil. The extra virgin Olive oil produced in the Aegean Region is famous. On, you can choose the province you want and place your olive oil order.


Best Olive oil;

It is beneficial for skin health, hair health, bone health and protection of the digestive system. Olive oil, called liquid gold in the ancient world, contains antioxidant polyphenols and oleic acid. This makes it a healthier option compared to other oils. Best Organic Olive oil enables the metabolism to work faster, especially in children. It is a great source of vitamin E for older people. It is used to improve bowel movements by facilitating digestion. Because it contains high levels of vitamin E, it protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Apart from these; It lowers the cholesterol level, reduces heart problems, prevents the formation of gallstones and delays the ageing process. Although olive oil is very useful, attention should be paid to the point of consumption. Consuming too much can do more harm than good. Therefore, careful consumption is important for health.


Why should you choose organic food?

Food preserves its nutritional value more in the growing and processing processes of organic foods. This ensures that organic foods are nutritious. Organic olive oil; is better digested, strengthens the body's immune system and makes it more resistant. Organic products are healthy. Harmful chemicals that are harmful to health, reduce immunity and accumulate in the body are not used in its production. Drug residue is found in non-organic products. These drugs cause children to experience different health problems such as obesity and cancer in advanced ages. Organic olive oil is safe. Organic olive oil is regularly audited in line with certain standards. It is documented through mandatory controls at every stage from production to delivery to the consumer within the framework of the relevant regulation. Organic olive oil are environmentally friendly. It protects soil, air, genetic order and water resources. It also supports their sustainability. It utilizes renewable energy resources and reduces energy consumption. Organic foods are delicious. It is offered fresh as preservatives are not used to extend the expiration date. This makes it more delicious than other foods. For a quality nutrition and a healthy life, you can choose organic olive oil produced in different regions. Turkish organic food, which has a wide range of products, offers you the most natural form of the olive oil.

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