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 Turkey's most famous, healthy and delicious foods are organic royal jelly and organic pollen. You can easily organic pollen & royal jelly in Turkey. Buy organic pollen & royal jelly from a pollen shop or pollen store from a honey factory. The most natural, delicious and the best quality organic pollen & royal jelly, anywhere in the world from Turkey, with express shipping and we send online with the best price option. Look our all of pollen price and royal jelly price. We are sending the best quality and the best organic pollen & royal jelly from Turkey to the world and express shipping with the best price online. Quality Organic Pollen and royal jelly Online from us Istanbul's most famous honey Brands Best Quality and Natural.


What is Propolis?

Propolis is a powerful natural product produced by bees from plant resins. It is collected by honey bees from the bud and leaf parts of trees and plants such as pine, oak, eucalyptus, poplar, chestnut. The collected propolis turns into a rich source with beeswax and enzyme components secreted by bees.

What is the Structure of Propolis?

Propolis can be yellow, brown or green, depending on the area where it is collected and the variety of plant flora. It has a sticky and resinous form structurally. It is known as bee glue due to this gummy feature. Propolis is hard and brittle below 10 degrees, and resinous in a wax-like form at 15-25 degrees. It is 30–40 degrees softer and the adhesive feature turns into a distinct structure. It transforms into a structure known as liquid propolis at temperatures above 40 degrees.

What is Pollen (Bee Pollen)?   

Pollen, which is the main reproductive cell of flowering plants, is one of the most important food sources of bees. When the bee is placed on the flower, the pollen powders adhering to the flower enable the flowers to mate, and it acts as food in the hive. It is collected by 21-day-old worker bees and plays an important role in feeding the colony. It is especially used for feeding young worker bees that secrete juvenile and royal jelly. It increases the efficiency of royal jelly indirectly. Bee pollen can be in different colours and shapes depending on the type of plant obtained. In addition, bee pollen can provide information about the source of honey and the plant species in the region. The source of pollen affects the flavour, aroma and quality of honey. The nutritional value of all pollen is not the same, and the content quality of the plant is not the same. Pollen of plants such as pine and eucalyptus is not suitable for larval development. Plants such as willow, mustard, dandelion, on the other hand, have high vitamin and protein values ​​and high quality. In order to consume quality bee pollen, plant source and content must be checked. What Is In The Content Of Bee Pollen? Proteins constitute the most important building block of bee pollen. The content of this wonderful food source, rich in protein, consists of amino acids, phenolic acids, steroids, enzymes antioxidants, beta carotene, calcium, magnesium, selenium, nucleic acid, lectin, cysteine, vitamins B1, B2, C and E. In addition, it is a bee product with high protein, mineral and vitamin value.  The pollens we collect in April and June in the first flowering period of spring in the Mersin Taurus Mountains are packaged in accordance with our organic beekeeping principles and arrive at your hand. We have three different varieties, namely Organic Dry Pollen, Organic Fresh Pollen and Organic Pollen, belonging to our Şahbaz Çaylı and Eğriçayır brands, which were born with the idea of ​​producing organic certified honey, which is our starting point. The most important difference between Organic Dry Pollen and Organic Fresh Pollen is the moisture value. Natural pollen collected from the hive wall has a special moisture value and if it is desired to be consumed fresh, this moisture value is preserved in cold chains. It is delivered to the end consumer in vehicles with cold storage. Şahbaz Çaylı Organic Dry Pollen is obtained by drying the fresh pollen harvested from bees in special drying machines at 30 degrees. Both of our varieties are produced in accordance with organic farming policies in a region with an altitude of 1000 meters. Eğriçayır Organic Pollen is produced with the pollen collected in our region with an altitude of 2000m. As with all our bee products, all of our pollen varieties are produced with organic agriculture and have the approved TURKGAP certificate.  

What is Royal Jelly? 

Royal jelly is a substance with high nutritional value secreted from the supra-pharyngeal glands of 5-15 days old worker bees. It has an acidic texture with a white, slightly bitter taste. In order for the royal jelly to be formed, young honey bees need to be fed plenty of pollen and nectar. For the production of quality and organic royal jelly, it is essential that the pollen and plant flora are rich and grown in accordance with organic agriculture. While pesticides containing toxic chemicals pass from plants to pollen, honey bees that feed on nectar and pollen are directly affected by this situation. We should prefer products that have been analyzed and do not contain pesticide residues. 

Benefits of Royal Jelly 

Royal jelly enables the queen bee to form. Larvae fed only royal jelly can become the queen bee of the colony thanks to this food. Provides fertility in the bee colony. It extends the life of the queen bee. While the life expectancy of normal bees is 45 days, it increases the life span of queen bees fed only royal jelly to 5-6 years. Royal jelly is used in medicine, cosmetics and alternative medicine. It serves as the main food source for the young bees. Royal Jelly Production Process Royal jelly production process has the same stages as the queen bee breeding process. Since there will be a decrease in honey yield in the colonies where royal jelly will be produced, the production should be made by considering the market conditions and on a contract basis. Pure royal jelly is harvested from the thimble eye with special wooden spoons. In the case of harvesting with metal spoons, royal jelly loses its quality. It is placed in dark coloured glass containers and stored in a refrigerator at +4 degrees. Royal jelly should be transported without breaking the cold chain in order not to lose its quality in the marketing phase. Royal jelly can be stored as fresh as from the harvest date for 6 months under refrigerator conditions and 18 months in a deep freezer at -18 degrees. You can buy royal jelly in its pure, raw form, or you can find it in the form of an ampoule that offers practical use. There are two types of Organic Royal Jelly Bulb and Organic Royal Jelly on our Eğriçayır site. Organic Royal Jelly BulbIt contains 20 Organic Royal Jelly Ampoules. You can take 1 ampoule daily and consume it directly or mix it with water and fruit juice. It contains Water (12.020mg), Organic Royal Jelly (1500mg), Organic Wheat Syrup, Organic Honey (825mg), Organic Orange Juice Concentrate (660mg). 

How to Use Royal Jelly? 

Recommended daily consumption of royal jelly is 1500mg for adults and 1000mg for children. The recommended daily amount should not be can be consumed by mixing it with yoghurt, water and milk in the specified doses. The use of royal jelly for children should be with the approval and control of the doctor. Royal jelly can be mixed with honey, pollen and propolis and consumed in a practical way. You can find all of the organic royal jelly mixes from our organic mixes category. Royal jelly should not be given to children under 1 year old. In Mersin Erdemli Taurus Mountains, we produce organic royal jelly with the organic certified beekeeping method. There is a lot of research on the benefits and this powerful nutritional effect of royal jelly, and you can reach it with short research on the internet. Since organic royal jelly is pure and does not contain preservatives, it is sent to you in a wooden box without seeing any light and in a cold chain. Experts recommend using plastic or wooden spoons instead of metal when consuming royal jelly. Do not exceed the recommended daily portion.  

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