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    Rice has been one of the main sources of energy for human kind for millennia. City Farm organic Baldo Rice.

    It is indispensable for our kitchens, the lean hero of our athletes with high carbohydrates and lots of protein, supporter of minerals and vitamins our babies need

    It is indispensable not only for Turkish cuisine but also for world cuisine ...

    It is white rice, our delicious cereal that we love alongside all our meals.

    The rice we use in many recipes ranging from our soups to our stuffed dishes, our favorite dessert to our rice pilaf and our classic rice meets us everywhere with its alternatives.

    This cereal, the staple food of our tables, is always with us as an indispensable player in our kitchens with its fertility and healing!

    Raya organic rice, grown with organic farming practices in the fertile soils of our geography, now meets you with its first class quality. Who can say no to rice pilaf on a grain of salt?

    It does not contain allergens, it is recommended by many experts to make pudding with rice flour for babies older than 6 months who switch to supplementary food.

    Some known benefits of rice;

    One of the most controversial food issues is whether rice is harmful or beneficial and whether it is appropriate to use it in diet. Of course, our doctors and dieticians will make the decision on this subject by observing your personal situation, but let's briefly list the known benefits below;

    Organic Rice

    It is known as a high nutritional value grain that has many benefits with its correct cooking method and balanced consumption.

    It is stated in the sources that the amino acid composition of Rice proteins, which is considered rich in insoluble fiber, is close to breast milk.

    It is a very rich food in terms of calcium.

    It is said by experts that rice does not contain cholesterol, sodium and harmful fat.

    It is a must for a balanced diet and one of the most eaten foods in the world.

    Even a small amount is enough to give energy.

    It is considered rich in terms of vitamins such as iron, phosphorus, B group vitamins and vegetable protein.

    It is frequently used in patient soups and patient meals in terms of nutritional properties and digestion and is recommended by experts.

    100 grams of rice is 350 kcal on average and contains 77 grams of Carbohydrate, 7 grams of protein, 6 mg of calcium, 103 mg of potassium, 2 grams of fiber.

    Store in a dry, cool and odourless place, away from sunlight.

    Raya Organic Rice preserves its freshness for a long time unless its package is opened.

    This product was approved by ORNES GIDA PAZARLAMA VE TİC A.Ş on 1.12.2004 and T.C number 5262.

    It has been produced in accordance with the Organic Agriculture Law and the regulation on Organic Agriculture principles and implementation.

    (TR-OT-003) ECOCERT IMO DENETIM VE CERTIFICATE LTD. It has been certified by ŞTİ.

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