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Control Process of Our Natural & Organic Wildflower Honey


We manage a strict inspection and monitoring process for all types of wildflower honey we produce, from the apiary, hive to jar. This inspection and monitoring process is applied both in our organic balls and natural honey. While an independent organic certification auditing body is involved in the auditing process for our organic honey, our natural honey produced by controlled beekeeping is also audited by our Eğriçayır audit teams.

Eğriçayıris primarily to be our plateau, in Turkey's vast geography, plains, plateaus, produced at different altitudes, all honey produced in organic or natural Eğriçay our standard, inspected, packed.

In Eğriçayır standards, we do inspections at the production points of our beekeepers with controlled beekeeping certificates, and after completing the comprehensive analysis, we deliver Eğriçayır products to you.

We produce and inspect the meticulous inspection process of our natural and Turkish organic honey and the previously selected production areas with the same sensitivity and the knowledge of our supervised beekeepers who are trained.

You can consume all our perfect and rare wildflower honey with peace of mind with the production processes and analysis results.

We would like to briefly tell you about Eğriçayır.

Our hives are located in Eğriçayır Region, where we were born and raised and where our childhood passed. Eğriçayır Plateau is approximately 110 km away from the Erdemli district of Mersin. In this region, only wild wildflowers form the plant flora due to the high altitude (about 2,500 meters).

Thanks to this magnificent flower flora, we returned with degrees from all the competitions we participated in abroad and our organic flower Turkish honey was awarded a gold medal at Apimondia, the world's most prestigious beekeeping competition.

We are proud of the awards received by Eğriçayır products, both as a family and on behalf of our country, and we are delighted to be able to deliver this rare miracle produced at an altitude of 2500 meters, kilometres away.

What Do We Want To Do?

* We produce our products organically, we want and support organic production and organic agriculture to become widespread.

* We believe that our local culture and values should be protected, and we want the protection of endemic plants and natural flora both in our region and in our country. We are working on this.

* We rely on the quality of our honey, our products, we share not only standard analyzes but also the most detailed analysis results of the Ministry of Agriculture and independent auditing institutions with you, we want you to be informed correctly.

* Our wildflower honey, our products are recognized all over the world and "the best honey is produced in the world, Turkey is Eğriçayır." wants to be tried, we are working for it.

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