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Our Turkish Honeycomb honey is completely organic. Karakovan called honey in Turkey, it is produced in high altitude untouched natural environment. The honeycomb in it is completely organic and should be consumed with honey

“Where's the best pure organic Raw honeycomb near me?  Turkey's most famous and delicious food is honey. You can easily organic honeycomb in Turkey. Buy organic honeycomb from the honey shop. The most natural, delicious and the best quality organic honeycomb, anywhere in the world from Turkey, with express shipping and we send online with the best price option. Look our all of wildflower honeycomb price.

We are sending the best quality and the best organic honeycomb from Turkey to the world and express shipping with the best price online. Quality Wildflower Honey Online from us Istanbul's most famous honey Brands. Best Quality and Natural. Express Shipping Worldwide!


Good Black Beehive (Karakovan) Honeycomb,


We know that you are looking for a good, real  Karakovan honeycomb-like everyone else. We have been maintaining traditional beekeeping in Eğriçayır Plateau at 2,500 altitudes for 300 years. This region of the Taurus Mountains preserves its natural flora as it was thousands of years ago. Our bees, fed in the rich vegetation of the Taurus flora consisting of wildflowers, offer us the award-winning Organic Eğriçayır Wildflower Honey. Therefore, our most important difference is the region where our hives are located. The second difference is the beekeeping experience of our family, who has been dealing with beekeeping for 300 years and has lived with nomadic culture. All of our products are certified organic and win many awards, including the gold medal in the world's most prestigious beekeeping competitions.

It is very difficult to distinguish between a good honeycomb, real honeycomb with your own means. For this reason, it is very important to reach the karakovan whose source you know and the manufacturer you can trust. You can visit us in Eğriçayır Plateau or Erdemli whenever you want. We are always waiting

Controlled Beekeeping Certificate and Our Controlled Production Process

We contribute to Turkish beekeeping with our beekeepers who have a supervised beekeeping certificate, we deliver the traceable, genuine and pure honey to your table with the 300 years of beekeeping experience and assurance of Eğriçayır.

Beekeeping is our lifestyle, our tradition ... Bees are our prerequisite to protect nature because we have been living with our families for hundreds of years and sharing our bread together. To produce the best honeycomb, we have managed to extract the best honeycomb in the world from Turkey. We transfer this accumulation to our beekeepers in our unique plateaus and plains with rich flora from every corner of Anatolia, we carefully inspect it, monitor every step of it and approve Eğriçayır standards with analysis. We manage to produce these unique kinds of honey with our beekeepers with a "Controlled Beekeeping Certificate" and in our approved apiaries.

With our qualified beekeepers with Eğriçayır Controlled Beekeeping Certificate, we produce rare, unique and pure and natural honeycomb in the fertile lands of Anatolia, at different altitudes where the season is suitable, spring is coming, in our springs with rich natural vegetation of our country, in our plains.


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