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Red Hot Turkish Pepper 50 g

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    Containing plenty of vitamins C, K and P, peppers regulate the digestive system and facilitate digestion.

    It prevents the accumulation of gas in the stomach, stomach acid, and removes stomach laziness.

    It has a calming effect on nerves by reducing stress. It lowers cholesterol.

    It regulates blood circulation.

    It prevents the occurrence of vascular occlusions.

    Fleshy, fully ripe autumn peppers are cleaned from their seeds and dried.

    It is a product that women who love the kitchen will never miss, instead of green pepper, which is difficult to fresh and quite expensive, especially in winter.

    It adds flavour like a magic wand in the preparation of all kinds of dishes from Turkish and world cuisines. You can use any kind of meat, meatless, cold, hot vegetable and cereal dishes for soup, pasta, pita, pizza.

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