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Turkish breakfast

What could be so special at breakfast? Instead of a meal that offers a wide variety of flavours, you should try the authentic Turkish breakfast experience, which includes a traditional family gathering or starting a nice day with friends.

Often speaking of Turkey are the first from eating kebabs. True, nobody can do this better than the Turks. But for a foreigner to come to Turkey it will not come to mind until everyone has experienced for themselves or another meal then you will know. We are talking about a Turkish breakfast. Probably "what's so special about breakfast?" You think. But after having an authentic Turkish breakfast, there is no turning back to routine morning coffee and cereal.

A breakfast memory from Turkish cuisine.

A friend of ours told me about his first experience in London. I remember my first Turkish breakfast like it was yesterday. Two years ago, I came to Istanbul for the first time to visit my brother's colleagues. We arrived in the morning and settled in a nice hotel in Sultanahmet. In the morning, when I went to the Mabeyin Breakfast room with a beautiful Bosphorus view, I saw a beautifully prepared table with small plates and a wide variety of different foods. I thought it was just because I was there the first time, but the next morning I woke up and I saw the same lovely meal prepared at the table, this big breakfast is a tradition in Turkey, I noticed in a short period of time.

Breakfast is actually one of the most important elements of Turkish cuisine. For Turks, breakfast is not a must, but a traditional family gathering and sharing good things. Sofra is set up with a large number of small plates and bowls designed specifically for breakfast serving. Presentation means everything in Turkish breakfast. The food and plates are arranged elegantly and cover the entire table until there is no space left, you are amazed at first sight when you see it. Before you start a long, quiet breakfast, the waiter will sit you down and say "bon appetit", which is often translated as "bon appetit" but actually means "may be good for you".

What are there in the Turkish breakfast?

A typical Turkish breakfast, well prepared a pot of tea (organic Turkish tea) with start and cheese in several different types of organic green and black olives (olives), slider (Turkish clotted cream) and organic honey, Turkish sausage, Menemen (Turkey-off tomatoes, green peppers and eggs), various jams, omelettes or boiled eggs, sliced ​​tomatoes and cucumbers, yoghurt, Turkish style water borek, and of course freshly baked bread or Turkish bagel (like sesame bagel but much better).

 A lot of restaurants and hotels that are this nice turkey dinner and accommodation in your  Turkish breakfast menu and this place is very popular among the local people, so you know it must be good. Do you eat meat in the morning? Egg sausage order (sausage egg). Turkish Sausage is a dried sausage made with various spices such as red pepper, cumin and sumac and minced garlic with garlic and cooked with eggs in a pan. This dish is definitely a favourite among locals and tourists. In many places, they also serve Turkish börek, which is made of thin layers filled with cheese, minced meat and/or vegetables, wrapped and baked in the oven. And of course, when everything is done, a nice long Turkish breakfast should end with a cup of well-made Turkish coffee. Also, as most cafes and restaurants serve breakfast all day, you can enjoy a Turkish breakfast almost anywhere in Istanbul.


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