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Buy Turkish organic pistachio

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History of Pistachio

The first information about the nuts tree dates back thousands of years. Archaeological evidence, that the pistachio in BC. It shows that it was consumed around 6750. Pistachio was first grown in Southern Anatolia where Eti settled. The fact that it was introduced to the king's tables even in those ages shows that the value of this fruit is known. It shows that people grew pistachio trees before ages and included the valuable fruit of this tree in their diet. In the archaeological remains, seeds used to grow nuts trees belonging to this date have been found.


The homeland of Green Gold remains within the Middle East lands, so it appears as a food that has spread from the Middle East to South Anatolia, Asia and the world. The pistachio tree has become a tree that can be grown easily in various parts of the world when a suitable environment is provided. Famous for being on the king's tables centuries ago, roasted pistachios are now indispensable in kitchens with their familiar taste.


It decorates your tables either at your own tea time in the evening or as a treat when your guest arrives. It appears as one of the varieties of nuts that are always available in almost every home. Roasted Pistachios are indispensable in the content of Cocktail Mixed Nuts. Roasted Pistachio and Raw Pistachio, which is one of the nuts that enrich the content of mixed cookies, is a cookie loved and preferred by everyone.


In weddings, henna, associations, meetings, it can be presented alone as it enriches the cocktail mixed nuts. In addition, pistachio shells are used in handicraft and design works. A wide variety of creative and enjoyable works such as necklaces and bracelets as well as ornaments can be made in your home. Roasted Pistachios are beautiful and beneficial food that appeals to the eyes while they contain various benefits as well as their taste.

Nutrition Facts of Roasted Pistachios

100 grams of roasted pistachios contain 1007 mg potassium, 21.1 g protein, 10.3 g fiber, 4 mg iron, 107 mg calcium, 28.3 g calcium, 45.8 g fat, 266 IU vitamin A and 3 mg vitamin C, while the cholesterol value is 0. The amount of calories is 572 calories per 100 grams.


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