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Turish Sausage

Walnut churchkhela, an important element of Anatolian dessert culture, is a dessert known as köme, orcik or sausage with pekmez and is produced in almost every region. Although the production of this famous flavor and the materials used vary very slightly according to the regions, almost the same taste emerges.

Churchkhela Recipe

How to Make Walnut churchkhela  (Köme)?We can summarize the production of walnut sausage as drying the walnuts strung on a rope after being dipped in boiled wort and then hanging. The subject here is must, boiled molasses or grape-mulberry juice. On the other hand, walnut sausage shows a text according to the amount of dipping in the must. Starch can be applied to sausages to ensure they do not stick together. walnut sausage is the most countries except Turkey Georgia. Even in 2015, Georgia added walnut sausage to an intangible cultural heritage ranking. In our country, walnut sausage is made with traditional methods in Kahramanmaraş, Gümüşhane, Elazığ, Artvin and its surrounding provinces. The taste of walnut sausage, which is made industrially in glucose and sucrose production, is not produced by traditional methods.

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