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Buy Turkish Organic Raisins grape

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Benefit Raisins

Raisins, which are one of the foods containing plenty of vitamins and minerals, are very beneficial for health. If you are wondering about the benefits of raisins, an energy store, we have researched for you. Raisins are a dried food product produced all over the world. It has two types, black and yellow (sultana). As can be understood from its name, the grapes are obtained by drying the grains, and most in the world is produced in Turkey. As a matter of fact, our annual exports are over half a billion dollars. America and Iran are among the other major producers of raisins. Raisins have many benefits for general health and can be easily consumed by all age groups. The benefits of raisins can be listed as follows:

Like most other dried fruits, it has antioxidant properties. It protects cell structures against destruction. In this way, it has an anti-ageing effect as well as benefits for the immune system.

It is a food rich in boron mineral that protects against osteoporosis. Boron is also beneficial for bone health as it helps to absorb calcium more effectively.

Eating a handful of raisins a day reduces your risk of developing an eye disease known as macular degeneration by 36%. This disease mostly affects people over the age of 50.

Raisins are a food rich in dietary fibre. 3.5% of each raisin grain consists of dietary fibres. Dietary fibres keep your digestive system healthy and prevent you from having constipation problems.

100 grams of raisins meet 12% of your daily iron need. Therefore, it is a food used to treat anaemia.

It does not raise blood sugar suddenly, but gives energy and creates a feeling of satiety.

It is possible to store raisins in your Uğur deep freezer for a very long time as fresh as the first day and consume them whenever you want without decreasing their nutritional value. For best results, it is recommended to store it in the farthest part of the freezer, close to the floor.


Here are the main benefits of raisins ...

It strengthens the immune system.

It helps to operate the digestive system.

It regulates cholesterol level.

It prevents rheumatic diseases.

It prevents fatigue and depression and gives energy.

Provides a feeling of satiety for a long time.

Raisins help strengthen bones.

It is good for stomach ailments.

It is recommended as a supplement in anaemia treatments.

Thanks to its boron mineral, it facilitates calcium absorption and strengthens bone health.

Raisin prevents constipation.


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