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The place and importance of tea, which is one of the traditional beverages, in our culture cannot be denied. The priority for tea drinking, which is the first choice for breakfast, dinner, lunch and many other activities, is to catch the right taste. Turkish teapot models aim to serve fresh teas that suit your taste. Classic teapots, tea machines, samovars produced with different colours, designs and features are among the most important helpers in your home and workplace. There are also series suitable for those who are in search of teapots for use in the workplace as well as frequent guests, addicts who cannot be comfortable without drinking tea every day, and crowded families. Korkmaz, which demonstrates its quality with cooking products, small household appliances, dowry sets, kitchen utensils and tableware, promises comfort and convenience with its tea preparation products.


Turkish Teapot  Models

Turkish teapots provide convenience during tea preparation and serving in environments such as home and office. Products are blended with different features to meet various requirements. For example, although a series of stovetop and electric Turkish teapots are produced, they are also divided into different models. Capacities of Turkish teapots, body and handle materials/structures, strengths, diameters, the total wattage of electrical models, heat transfer capacities of stovetop teapots may vary from model to model. The polished outer surfaces of the stovetop Turkish teapots offer a shiny appearance and these Turkish teapots are suitable for use on all kinds of stoves.


The special Solar Base base system provides maximum heating performance in minimum time, thus saving both energy and time. Korkmaz electric Turkish teapots, which can be carried to the desired area and can be used almost anywhere with a compatible plug, are especially preferred in office environments and crowded family gatherings. In addition to all these, it is possible to make choices that suit your style. You can examine teapot designs that stand out with their classic, flashy, plain, vintage styles.


Turkish Teapot Usage Recommendations

  • Take care not to add water to the Turkish teapot sections above the recommended capacity limit.
  • Be careful not to clean the teapots with hard surface cleaners and harsh chemical detergents.
  • Keep the body and handles of the Turkish teapot models away from cutting and piercing tools.
  • In order to prioritize safety, turn to safety teapots that prevent working without water.
  • If you brew tea frequently and continuously, you can choose models with valves that save energy.
  • If you want to use it on induction cookers, confirm that the Turkish teapot model you intend to purchase is compatible with this type of cooktop.

How to Choose a Turkish Teapot?

Since the Turkish teapot sections have different capacities, it is necessary to calculate the number of existing and potential people according to the situation. Regular tea drinkers often tend to separate. teapots for guests from casual use. However, Turkish teapots with large containers are also a good choice for tea drinkers who give the meaning of finishing a pot of tea in one sitting. Steel Turkish teapot types promise long-term use. High scratch, burning and abrasion resistance are also among the advantages of stainless steel teapots. 18/10 Cr-Ni stainless steel Turkish teapots with chromium and nickel content have high corrosion resistance. Handle designs and heights of the products also differ.  offers you teapots with a handle design that can be washed in the dishwasher and does not burn hands.


The non-burning stainless steel handle serves the purpose of increasing comfort and safety. Turkish samovars are among the first choices of crowded families and those seeking ultra comfort with their large upper and lower chambers, easy pouring faucet designs. Thanks to the variety, it is possible for you to turn to designs that will be the easiest to use for you. You can choose from Turkish teapot models suitable for your style and needs, and pamper yourself and your loved ones with the pleasure of deliciously brewed tea.

How to Choose a Turkish Teapot ?

Since the turkish teapot  sections have different capacities, it is necessary to calculate the number of existing and potential people according to the situation. Regular tea drinkers often tend to separate.

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